Australia creates contraceptive for koalas

Koalas are victims of an increase in their own population.

Around 3 thousand females in a colony of koala bears will be treated with contraceptives in Australia.
Forest rangers in Victoria’s State, in the south of the country, fear that the koalas of the region can go hungry if the growth of the population is not contained.

There are around 10 thousand koalas in the National Park in Mount Eccles, in the western region of Victoria.

It is a considerable increase in the population of the species at these localities, since 25 years ago have been brought to the region 77 koalas.

Because of its proliferation, the koalas eat 70% of their favorite food.


The forest rangers believe that if drastic action is not taken, the trees can gradually become extinct and the population of koala may die of hunger.

In the past, attempts to promote the sterilization of koalas did not work.

In the new contract, forest guards intend to capture 3 thousand females and introduce a small tube under their skin which will release the same hormone contained in contraceptive pills.

The project brings some risks. The Australian Foundation of Koalas says that the animals will be able to develop tumors and affirms that the measure is cruel and unnecessary.

But the method has been used successfully to contain the growth of populations of kangaroos, monkeys and wild cats.