Koalas Enemies

Most koalas are killed on the ground.

They are few the predators of the koala, the most important one is the Kennels dingo – a wild dog – that kills the old or sick koalas, since and an adult koala of good health is able to injure him seriously.
Their enemies include also foxes, dingoes, quolls (native cats), large snakes, domestic dogs, and occasionally even pet cats.

When frightened, a koala can run surprisingly fast for a short distance. If it makes it to a tree, the koala will jump from the ground onto the trunk. Pushing hard with its strong back legs, it soon disappears into the branches.

Adult dingoes like this one are about 20 inches (51 cm) High at the shoulder and 35 pounds (16 kg). That’s about the same size as Border collie. Dingoes eat everything from bugs and mice to rabbits and sheep.

Dingoes are Australia’s largest predators. They are powerful hunters that eagerly kill and eat any koala found walking on the ground.

A wild Australian dog called a dingo is one of koalas most feared predators on the ground.
But the dingo is not the only predator that koalas have to look out for when they are on the ground. Foxes, Pythons, and goannas, large Australian lizards. All prey on koalas and especially their young.

The red fox is not a native Australian animal, but was brought over from Europe by early settlers. Foxes are now thriving in the wild and are one of the major killers of koalas.

The green python can prey on koalas both on the ground and in the threes.

The monitor lizard’s chances to prey on a koala are limited to the ground.

Domestic dogs

In recent years, a common family pet – the domestic dog – has proved to be a major threat.
Thousands of koalas are killed each year by pet dogs. This is a particular problem in suburban areas where dogs are more common and trees are more scattered. Trees cover only a small percentage of suburban land.

For koalas to find enough to eat, their home ranges need to cover a large area. As a result they have to spend more time on the ground going from one food tree to the next, putting them more at risk to dog attacks.

Koalas come to the ground regularly to move between trees. They walk quite awkwardly but can run if they have to. They are particularly vulnerable to attack from predators when they are on the ground like this.

Dogs kill more koalas than any other animal. Yearly Deaths – Each year up to 4,000 koalas are killed by dogs and road traffic

But even in trees, young koalas are at risk from big birds of prey such as large owls and wedge-tailed eagles. They sometimes swoop down and snatch a young koala from its mother.

This barking owl hunts koalas at night.

This young bird is wedge – tailed eagle. Native to Australia, these birds are one of the world’s largest eagles. They prey includes rabbits, hares, snakes, lizards, and occasionally young koalas.